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Meet the visionary


"Creativity begins in the mind, but it's such a beautiful thing when you bring it to life."


Stephanie James, writer/producer/editor and content creator has always been in touch with her creative side.  From songwriting to scriptwriting, writing has always been an outlet for her to express her vivid imagination.  

In 2007, while pursuing her dream as a singer/songwriter, Stephanie's journey was interrupted when she welcomed her son Kevin into the world.  In the midst of embracing the joys of motherhood, she was inspired to switch gears and follow another passion of hers.  She then formed and created K. Christion Productions (named after her son).

During the pandemic, Stephanie was also a contestant on Food Network's Worst Cooks in America Seasons 21 & 22. This experience changed Stephanie's outlook on life. This relit her flame and inspired her to hit the ground running towards following her dreams. She realized that she could do hard things and that anything was possible as long as she believed.

To date, K. Christion Productions has produced a three season web series (Facade Ave), one stage play (If You Love Me), and five films (Love Lies, Cherry, The One, Smash & Dash and Something Borrowed Something Blue) all written and produced by Stephanie.  Also, be on the lookout for her first thriller novel, "Remember Me."  


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